DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Shedding weight is as good as gold under an unusual slim-down initiative in Dubai over growing concerns about rising obesity levels in the wealthy Gulf city-state.

Municipal officials are offering a gram of gold — worth about $45 at current prices — for each kilogram of weight lost in a 30-day challenge. The minimum drop is two kilograms, or 4.4 pounds, to cash in.

Local media Wednesday quotes Dubai official Hussain Lootah as saying there is no limit on the payout for the golden losers, who must sign up and weigh in Friday.

The plan is the latest attempt to encourage healthier lifestyles in the United Arab Emirates. Across the Gulf Arab states, authorities have raised alarms about rising obesity from increasing fast-food diets and lack of exercise.

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to diet and health, making sure her children are living a lifestyle just as healthy as her own. She used to stick to <a href="" target="_blank">a macrobiotic diet, </a>eating only 100 percent natural foods that haven't been processed at all. She wouldn't eat meat, eggs, fish, or dairy, surviving solely on fruit, veg, whole grains, cereals, seeds and algae. She's since broadened her horizons a bit.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston swears by a <a href="" target="_blank">glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice </a>every morning, claiming it removes fat and waste. Her detoxed lifestyle also contributes to her health, as she has cut out alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine.

  • Victoria Beckham

    The svelte mama turned to the <a href="" target="_blank">Five Hands Diet</a> after Harper Seven was born, which entails eating only five handfuls of energy- and protein-rich food per day. She's like a baby bird!

  • Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie never shies away from adventure, and this applies to <a href="" target="_blank">her eating habits as well.</a> While visiting Cambodia, she tried all sorts of insects, naming cockroaches as her favorite kind.

  • Renee Zellweger

    Apparently she <a href="" target="_blank">eats ice in an attempt to feel full!</a> Sounds a little wacky, Renee.

  • Nicole Kidman

    She went on the <a href="" target="_blank">hardboiled egg diet </a>while filming "Cold Mountain," which sounds like the most boring meal plan of all. One egg in the morning for breakfast and two eggs for dinner.

  • Reese Witherspoon

    <a href="" target="_blank">The baby food diet </a>is this actress's go-to weight loss plan. She eats baby food for breakfast and lunch, then has real food for dinner. Sounds... appetizing.

  • Matthew McConaughey

    To play an HIV-stricken man in "The Dallas Buyers Club," the actor reportedly got down to 135 pounds by embracing <a href="" target="_blank">a liquid-only diet.</a>

  • Anne Hathaway

    For her role as poverty-stricken prostitute Fantine in "Les Miserables," Hathaway subsisted on a <a href="" target="_blank">500-calorie-per-day diet </a>of radishes and hummus. To fit into her black leather jumpsuit as Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises," Hathaway lived off a diet of "kale and dust," reportedly.

  • Snooki

    Somehow it's not surprising that Snooki adheres to something called <a href="" target="_blank">"the cookie diet."</a> It consists of eating six cookies and one real meal per day. And how does that help with weight loss?

  • Beyonce

    Beyonce gained attention when she lost 20 pounds in just a couple of weeks for her role in "Dreamgirls" <a href="" target="_blank">by doing the "Master Cleanse." </a>This diet is not for the faint-hearted and involves consuming nothing but a mixture of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice, as well as having laxative tea every night and starting mornings with a class of lukewarm salt water. Doctors say this can be extremely dangerous for the body, so perhaps stay away from this one.

  • Uma Thurman

    She exists only on <a href="" target="_blank">raw food</a>... yikes! Apparently energy-boosting enzymes are destroyed by cooking, so she eats it all raw.

  • Miranda Kerr

    This Victoria's Secret Angel stays trim by drizzling four teaspoons of <a href="" target="_blank">coconut oil</a> over her meals, per day.

  • Matt Damon

    For his role in "Courage Under Fire," the actor lost weight by running 6.6 miles a day and <a href="" target="_blank">only eating chicken, baked potato, and egg whites</a>.

  • Megan Fox

    This bombshell says that the best way to stay trim is by drinking a combination of <a href="" target="_blank">apple cider vinegar and water</a> before every meal.

  • Demi Moore

    Demi Moore is <a href="" target="_blank">all about "The Zone," </a>a diet developed by a nutritionist which advocates a 40:30:30 ratio of calories from carbs, protein and fat. It's clearly working for this gorgeous star.

  • Jennifer Lopez

    J.Lo is very scientific about it, carrying a <a href="" target="_blank">vial of grapefruit oil</a> to <em>smell</em> in order to break down fats. No word yet from experts whether this works at all.

  • Kylie Minogue

    The Aussie songbird <a href="" target="_blank">eats a grapefruit before every meal</a> as a way of accelerating weight loss.

  • Christian Bale

    To create his gaunt look in "The Machinist," Bale stuck to a strict diet of <a href="" target="_blank">water, coffee, tuna and apples</a>.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar

    The "cabbage soup diet" is the weight-loss method of choice for this star. It involves <a href="" target="_blank">eating nothing but cabbage soup </a>(and a couple other fruits and veggies) for seven days.

  • Adrianna Lima

    Adrianna Lima doesn't take any half measures, <a href="" target="_blank">reportedly only drinking liquids </a>for the nine days before the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show. Twelve hours before it begins, she stops drinking liquids in order to flush the water out of her system. Dramatic.

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher's <a href="" target="_blank">extreme diet landed him in the hospital</a> after he only ate fruit in order to emulate Steve Jobs' frutarian lifestyle for his role as Jobs in the movie "iJobs." The regime caused pancreas problems for the star.

  • Madonna

    Madonna has <a href="" target="_blank">eaten nothing but organic foods</a> for the last 10 years, aided by her personal chef, who also makes sure she sticks to lean meats. She swears by flaxseed oil, as it's high in Omega 3 which supposedly has slimming qualities.

  • Christina Aguilera

    She loves the "<a href="" target="_blank">7-day color diet,</a>" which involves eating only foods of the same color on any given day.

  • Katie Holmes

    To lose weight, she ate <a href="" target="_blank">only carrot soup for breakfast,</a> and raw broccoli for lunch and dinner. Yum?

  • Clark Gable

    This heartthrob was a huge hit with the ladies, except after he'd consumed some of his favorite food- raw onions! He was so fond of them that his leading ladies would sometimes <a href="" target="_blank">complain about his bad breath.</a>

  • Kirsten Dunst

    This actress <a href="" target="_blank">follows the "pH diet," </a>which balances alkaline to acidic foods in order to improve overall health. The ideal ration is 70 percent alkaline to 30 percent acid.