07/24/2013 01:59 EDT | Updated 09/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Tall agave plant drawing attention at Allan Gardens

For people who have spotted a plant poking out the top of a greenhouse at Allan Gardens, they probably guessed it was something out of the ordinary.

A 75-year-old agave plant is blossoming and is now about 4.5 metres tall. About half of that growth stands above the greenhouse glass.

Curtis Evoy, the superintendent of Allan Gardens, said the dramatic growth of the plant has led to many calls about what is going on.

"I've gotten phone calls from people who take the streetcar on Carlton (Street) asking what the plant is," Evoy told CBC Radio's Metro Morning in an interview on Wednesday.

"I've had phonecalls all the way from Sudbury seeing if it's worth the drive to come down to Toronto to see this plant."

But for those who have yet to see the plant in bloom, they need to get to Allan Gardens relatively soon. That's because now that it has bloomed, it is going to die.

"It's a monocarpic, it only blooms once and then it dies," said Evoy.

Evoy estimates the public has at least two more weeks to check out the agave plant in all of its glory and perhaps until the end of August.