07/30/2013 11:25 EDT | Updated 09/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Lac-Mégantic Bar Destroyed By Explosions Opens New Location

LAC-MEGANTIC QC - JULY 8: Search teams carry a large white bag out of the rubble in the town centre of Lac-MÈgantic near where the Musi Cafe once stood during their search for the dead Monday evening. 40 more are missing after a train derailment caused a massive explosion early Saturday morning. (Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
The Lac-Mégantic bar decimated by the train derailment and explosion earlier this month is reopening in a new, temporary location.

The Musi-Café was at the epicentre of the blast site and many of its staff members and clients are among the dead and missing.

The "Musi-Café d'été" will operate in the parking lot of the local Maxi grocery store and will offer free performances from some significant Quebec artists throughout the summer.

“The Musi-Café became a symbol of the devastation… We now want it to be a symbol of the resilience of the residents to take the first step and look forward,” said Yannick Gagné, the bar’s owner.

The musicians on the bill have volunteered their time to play the free shows. The bar is also hiring servers and security from other restaurants that were damaged in the explosions or remain inside the restricted red zone.

Forty-two victims have so far been found in the city's devastated core, of the 47 confirmed dead or missing.

Officials have said crews hope to conclude the search in coming weeks, but will will continue the work longer if necessary.

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