08/01/2013 10:36 EDT | Updated 10/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Hastings Park not part of Park Board says Vancouver council

Vancouver City Council has approved a new governance structure for Hastings Park, meaning the new Hastings Park and PNE board will be appointed by city council.

The city says the new structure will make the roles of board members more clear and will allow neighbourhood residents to have their say on how the park is run through a newly-formed community advisory group.

Community groups have voiced opposition to the change, saying control of the park should lie with the Park Board.

Coun. Tim Stevenson says that wouldn't make sense.

"I wish a long time ago they had said Hastings Exhibition Park or something, so that it would be clearly stated that it isn't just a park in the sense that Stanley Park is," said Stevenson.

"It would be a misappropriation of our responsibilities to hand it off to anybody else — park board or anyone else for that matter."