08/09/2013 01:55 EDT | Updated 10/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Saint-Eustache statue of Paul Sauvé stolen again

The search continues for a life-sized statue of former Quebec premier Paul Sauvé stolen a week ago from a park that bears his name in Saint-Eustache.

Saint-Eustache police say the thieves would have had to use special tools to remove the statue. Made of bronze, the statue weighed 181 kilograms and the police believe the thieves have likely sold it as scrap metal.

Church vicar Michel Jasmin thinks the town hasn't done enough to protect its historical monuments.

"We don't respect history," said Jasmin.

In 2008, another statue of Sauvé was taken from the same spot, and found in pieces at a scrap metal yard in Laval a few weeks later.

Saint-Eustache spokesperson Stephanie Bouchard says it cost the town $30,000 to replace it, and a string of similar thefts has made them do things differently.

"In the last ten years, there were a lot of historic plaques that were stolen. They were [made of] bronze too. So now we replace them with signs that have no value on the market," said Bouchard.

The town hasn't decided if it will replace the statue again.