08/09/2013 09:10 EDT | Updated 10/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Victim of scam aimed at Chinese seniors loses $11K

A woman who says she was a victim of a scam that targets elderly Chinese victims says he lost nearly $11,000 in cash thanks to the so-called blessing scam.

The scam involves a mysterious doctor who seals and blesses a bag full of a victim's life savings and jewelry in return for a loved one's health. But the victim gets a bag full of junk in return.

Mrs. La, who doesn't want her first name used out of fear for her safety, says she was told to give a bag full of money and jewelry to a doctor if she wanted to ward off the evil spirits that would harm her son. But when she opened the bag a week later, she found nothing but pieces of paper.

La says she lost her life savings — almost $11,000 in cash — and jewelry she received from her own mother.

"I sleep thinking about all the jewels my parents left for me. That's very valuable. And the money is all gone."

La says she was targeted by the scammers, who she later found out used a wireless microphone to eavesdrop on conversations in order to learn details about her life.

"I find very surprised — how do they know I have two children and they know my last name?”

Five people believed to be involved in scam are set for immigration hearings next week.