08/13/2013 03:48 EDT | Updated 10/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Wealthy men play videogames, survey shows

Being good at videogames and finding success in the real world might not be as mutually exclusive as often thought, according to a new survey of gaming habits among well-heeled men.

Slightly more than half of men who make at least $100,000 US per year also put in several hours per week storming the beaches of Normandy, terrorizing Liberty City, or pounding on the Joker’s henchmen on gaming consoles or PCs — according to a study by the dating site

The site surveyed 13,728 of its members who make six figures or more and found 54% play video games at least once per week.

Those making between $100,000 US and $200,000 US played for an average of 5.2 hours per week. Gaming peaked among men in the $300,000 to $400,000 US bracket at 10.3 hours per week.

“Many assume that time spent gaming is a detriment to success, which is completely false,” says site CEO Brandon Wade in a statement. “Our survey indicates that gaming is an outlet, not distraction, in a wealthy man’s life.”

Most (41 per cent) of the men surveyed play games on the Xbox 360, followed by the Playstation 3, PCs and the Wii.