08/15/2013 10:05 EDT | Updated 10/15/2013 05:12 EDT

B.C. woman accused of putting glue in nephew's ears

A Richmond, B.C., woman has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly putting glue in her infant nephew's ears.

According to a search warrant, a seven-week-old infant identified only as Baby Y was brought into a local hospital in February, crying and upset because of glue found in and around his ears.

The baby lived in a home with his parents and their extended family. Several family members claimed the sister-in-law Wei Wang was jealous of Baby Y because she had two daughters.

They claimed that in Chinese culture males were valued higher than females, and that Wang allegedly said she wouldn't receive any inheritance if she didn't produce a son.

The victim's father also claimed he'd found a needle stuck in his son's car seat a few weeks earlier.

Three tubes of glue were found in the laundry room, one of them opened.

Police interviewed Wang, 38, who claimed she was happy with her two girls and denied putting glue in Baby Y’s ears.

Community members say traditional beliefs — though outdated — still persist.

Queenie Choo with Success, an organization dedicated to multicultural integration, couldn't speak to the specifics of the case but said old habits generally die hard.

"That has been a tradition of thinking that sons are better than daughters,” said Choo, who has two daughters herself. "[But] it doesn't matter whether they carry the family name of not — they will make you proud as a parent."

Wang is scheduled to appear in B.C. provincial court today.