08/15/2013 03:51 EDT | Updated 10/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Police release new sketch 35 years after toddler disappears

The RCMP have released a new composite sketch of what toddler Yohanna Cyr might look like now, 35 years to the day after she disappeared from a Montreal suburb under mysterious circumstances.

Cyr's mother Liliane last saw her 18-month-old daughter on August 15, 1978, when she left the child in the care of her then-boyfriend for several days while she was out of town for work.

When she returned, the girl was nowhere to be found. Cyr's boyfriend told her Yohanna had drowned accidentally in the bathtub and that he had buried her.

The man was questioned by police but released for lack of evidence. An American, he fled across the border, and Cyr has had no contact with him since.

Cyr says not a day goes by that she does not yearn to see her daughter. She says she has not given up hope that Yohanna might be alive.

Cyr and the RCMP say that with the release of the composite sketch, someone might recognize the woman — who would now be 36 years old.

Cyr says she is prepared to accept Yohanna might not be alive. However, she desperately wants to find out what happened to her.