08/20/2013 09:51 EDT | Updated 10/20/2013 05:12 EDT

Float plane crash prompts post-crash fire warning

A spokesperson for the Transportation Safety Board says of Canada says the federal government needs to do more to reduce the number of post-crash fires on airplanes.

Bill Yearwood says photos of the wreckage of an Air Nootka plane on the west coast of Vancouver Island and interviews with a survivor indicate there was a fire after the crash near Hesquiaht Lake on Friday.

He says the TSB has previously warned lives would be lost if action wasn't taken by the federal government to prevent post-crash fires.

“In my mind when we see them happen time and time again, it's unsatisfactory,” Yearwood said. “It's very difficult, particularly for the families.”

Yearwood says the coroner has yet to release the causes of deaths, but the accident has all the signatures of what the TSB has been reporting on and fearing.

Seven years ago, the TSB recommended the government require some planes be better equipped to prevent post-crash fires.

Two years ago, the board blamed a post-crash fire for killing two pilots after their Beechcraft Air King crashed on a busy Richmond Street.