08/25/2013 05:37 EDT | Updated 10/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Pauline Marois: 'Charter of Quebec Values' Will Help Unite Province

Pauline Marois, premier of Quebec, speaks during an interview in New York, U.S., on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012. Marois, premier of Canada's second-most populous province, reiterated her aim to move Quebec toward independence and said it values its relationship with the U.S. Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images
QUEBEC - Pauline Marois says the Parti Quebecois' planned "Charter of Quebec Values" — which would include a ban on religious headwear for public employees — will be a uniting force for the province.

The Quebec premier rejects any suggestion the new rules would be a source of division amongst the population.

She says the charter will have an important and lasting impact on Quebec, much like the province's legislation that protects the French language.

Marois made the comments today at a gathering of young PQ members in Quebec City.

It's the first time she has commented publicly on the charter since details were published last week in a tabloid newspaper.

The PQ has a minority government and it's not clear yet that the plan will get support from opposition parties.

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