08/31/2013 07:28 EDT | Updated 10/31/2013 05:12 EDT

Suspect in six-year-old's death is also a child

The suspect in the death of a six-year-old Saskatchewan boy may be a boy who's under 12-years-old, according to information uncovered by the CBC.

CBC News has learned that a child under the age of 12 has been apprehended by social services in Saskatchewan following the death of a six-year-old Lee Bonneau.

It happened on a small First Nation community east of Regina.

Last week, Bonneau was last seen playing outside a recreation centre with some dogs around 8:30 p.m. CST when his foster mother lost sight of him.

After a 90-minute search, Bonneau was found with serious head injuries. RCMP said he was located in an open area along a treeline.

Bonneau was rushed to hospital in Broadview, Sask. where he was pronounced dead.

No charges can be laid because the child is below the age of criminal responsibility.

If social services conclude the child was responsible, he will be one of the youngest killers in Canadian history.

RCMP in Saskatchewan remain tight-lipped on the latest development.

A news conference is expected from authorities on Tuesday.