Before people started hating on baggage fees and charges for assigned seating, airline foods were the punching bag for many disgruntled passengers.

Whether it was about the bland, flavourless mush microwaved in plastic trays, the tiny portions which left much to be desired or the questionable quality, it's easy to see why airline food served as the punch line of many failed comedians. Simply put, trying to feed hundreds of passengers with TV-dinner quality meals was just laughable.

Well, famished flyers can put down those peanuts because there's still hope. Below are a few savoury samples that remind us while airline food may never be our go-to source for nourishment, there are the odd exceptions that buck the tasteless trend.

And hey, if you think whatever your cabin crew is serving you is bad now, just remember: it can always be worse.

  • 1
    They remind us beef doesn't have to come in patty form.
    First Class, Singapore Airlines' steak and roasted veggies Photo Credit: Imugr
  • 2
    The remind us there are vegetables outside of carrots and potatoes.
    Flickr: Allerina & Glen MacLarty
    Business Class, Virgin Australia's prosciutto with char-grilled veggies and Persian feta cheese. Photo Credit: Glen MacLarty
  • 3
    They remind us you can have your asparagus (and slurp it too).
    Flickr: dane brian
    North West Airlines' salad and asparagus soup Photo Credit: Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner
  • 4
    They remind us in-flight meals don't have to come in plastic trays.
    Flickr: Jun Seita
    Business Class, All Nippon Airways' marinated ehime red seabream with Shougoin-daikon radish and Jamón Ibérico chiffonnade Photo Credit: Jun Seita
  • 5
    They remind us that when it does come in plastic trays, they can be chic and cute.
    Flickr: andynash
    Austrian Airlines' knodel (potato dumplings) and sauerkraut Photo Credit: Andrew Nash
  • 6
    They remind us that fava beans are FAVALOUS!
    Flickr: Allerina & Glen MacLarty
    Business Class, Virgin Australia's fillet of beef with corn and fava beans Photo Credit: Glen MacLarty
  • 7
    They remind us that tuna doesn't have to be sandwiched between bread.
    Flickr: dane brian
    First class, Lufthansa International's sesame-crusted tuna Photo Credit: Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner
  • 8
    They remind us appetizers are more than just breads and salads.
    Flickr: ToastyKen
    Business Class, Emirates' crab meat appetizer Photo Credit: Kenneth Lu
  • 9
    They remind us we don't get enough almonds, lamb and couscous in our diets.
    Flickr: Allerina & Glen MacLarty
    Business Class, Virgin Australia's braised lamb with Moroccan-spices. Photo Credit: Glen MacLarty
  • 10
    They remind us crayfish crepes are a real thing.
    Flickr: BrownGuacamole
    United Airlines' grilled zucchini basket, stuffed with eggplant caviar and crayfish newburg crepe with red pepper coulis and pesto sauce. Photo Credit: Ernesto Andrade
  • 11
    They remind us even appetizers can have their own appetizers.
    Flickr: kalleboo
    Business Class, Scandinavian Airlines' appetizer platter Photo Credit: Karl Baron
  • 12
    They remind us that airline food can look gorgeous.
    Flickr: Jun Seita
    Business Class, All Nippon Airways' assorted lunchtime appetizer Photo Credit: Jun Seita
  • 13
    They remind us that food can be colourful too (we're looking at you Mr. Grey Mystery Meat)
    Flickr: BrownGuacamole
    Lufthansa Airlines' lunch spread Photo Credit: Ernesto Andrade
  • 14
    They remind us you don't always have to choose between appetizers -- sometimes you can have both!
    Flickr: BrownGuacamole
    United Airlines' lunch appetizer sampler of sauteed prawns and crispy Dakota beef organic short rib wontons with organic Thai barbecue sauce and sweet-and-sour cucumber relish. Photo Credit: Ernesto Andrade
  • 15
    Finally, they remind us that wine also exists in bottle form.
    Flickr: koadmunkee
    British Airways's lunchtime couscous with a mini-bottle of wine. Photo Credit: george ruiz

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    <a href="">Menu offerings</a> include: - Vegetable sandwich with pepper bread, egg, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise - Stockholm wrap with a wheat tortilla around ham, edam cheese and mayonnaise - Serrano cured ham on a baguette - Four-cheese pizza

  • #4 easyJet

    <a href="">Menu offerings</a> include a daily sandwich selection, British cheddar crackers, Bonne Maman financiers, Starbucks coffee, nut mix, olives and boxerchips

  • #3 Monarch

    <a href="">Menu offerings</a> include: - Traditional English breakfast with British pork sausage, grilled back bacon, scrambled egg, button mushrooms and baked beans - Cottage pie made with Casterbridge beef - Vegetarian roasted pumpkin gnocchi in pimento sauce with Mediterranean vegetables and feta cheese. - Traditional coq au vin with baby pearl onions, pancetta, green beans and roast potatoes

  • #2 Flybe

    <a href="">Menu offerings</a> include: - BLT sandwich on malted bread - Free range egg and cress mayonnaise sandwich on white bread - Chicken salad with lemon and thyme sandwich - Hot smoked salmon and couscous salad

  • #1 Pegasus

    <a href="">Menu offerings</a> include: - Sesame seed sandwich bread stacked with kashkaval cheese, mustard butter and finished with red and green bell peppers and lettuce - Roasted chicken tikka sandwich with chicken tikka sauce, red and green bell pepper, lettuce and tartar sauce on a sesame seed bun - Cheese and vegetable wrap with feta cheese mixed vegetables and mustard-mayo in a wheat wrap - Chicken schnitzel - Mushroom ravioli

  • Top Short-haul Airline Food: #5 Aeroflot

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  • #4 British Airways

    <a href="">On all of BA's European flights</a> find breakfast with coffee and tea. Complimentary snacks and drinks are served throughout the rest of the day.

  • #3 Turkish Airlines

    <a href="">According to the airline's website</a>, "depending on the flight’s duration range and the route, we serve a hot or cold breakfast or main meal service. Our main dish recipes are drawn from Turkish and World Cuisine and, when offered, have three main course options."

  • #2 Lufthansa

    In Economy class, the in-flight service on European flights offers "even greater variety in addition to the extensive choice of beverages with which you are familiar," <a href="">Lufthansa's website says</a>. "Even on domestic flights within Germany you can enjoy a small snack, and on longer flights a hot meal is served." Business class passengers are treated to a "special moment" including snacks like filled wraps, marinated scampi, sandwiches, fruit salad and crispy nuts.

  • #1 SAS

    <a href="">Menu options</a> include: - Wholegrain sandwich with crispy green salad and various fillings - Snack platter with cold cuts, cheese, olives and bread - Potatosalad marinated with sundried tomato pesto (nut-free), grilled chicken breast, crispy romaine salad and grilled pepper tapenade - pastries

  • Top Long-haul Airline Food #5 British Airways

    In <a href="">Economy class</a>, flyers receive a three-course meal. For <a href="">Business class passengers</a>, in addition to the chef-crafted menu, there are hot whole wheat wraps, freshly cut fruits, handmade shortbread from Devon artisan bakery Teoni's, boxed mini pastries from Beckleberry's, ice cream from the London-based Ice Cream Union, traditional British sweets and Cadbury chocolate <a href="">In the First class cabin</a>, flyers can choose from among the catch of the day; bistro fare like salads, soups, pasta and hot sandwiches; afternoon tea with sandwiches and pastries; and full or continental breakfast.

  • #4 Air France

    In addition to the provided meals, Economy class passengers can <a href="">upgrade to an a la carte meal</a>, like an organic dinner. In addition to the meal, flights from Paris include a self-service buffet offering sweet and savory treats, fresh products, mini-sandwiches and Häagen-Dazs ice cream. <a href="">In Business</a>, meals begin with amuse-bouches, and continues with various appetizers and a salad. Four main-course options are available followed by a dessert trio, fruit selection and sorbet. <a href="">In First Class</a>, travelers begin with a cocktail and amuse-bouches, followed by soup, a main course, a selection of cheeses and a basket of bread. For dessert, there's a dessert created by Lenôtre, fruit and ice cream or sorbet.

  • #3 SAS

    Within Europe, Economy passengers can purchase sandwiches, muffins and chocolate through the <a href="">Cloud Shop Cafe</a>; Economy Extra, a light meal and beverages; and Business includes a hot meal and beverages. On intercontinental flights, Economy class is served dinner (breakfast is served on overnight flights; passengers can also purchase food during the flight); Economy Plus is offered snacks, an appetizer, a choice of two entrees and dessert; Business class is offered a three-course meal, cheese and dessert, as well as an all-flight-long buffet.

  • #2 Aeroflot

    In First class, <a href="">offerings might include</a>: -Marinated grilled beef medallions with roasted sweet peppers, carrots and haricots verts in Madeira sauce - Braided puff pastry with salmon, spinach and fried mushrooms, roasted sweet pepper, zucchini and baked tomato topped with gremolata, served with sour cream sauce - Sheremetyevo-style chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, with roasted sweet pepper, broccoli and saffron rice

  • #1 KLM

    Like Air France, KLM also has an <a href="">a la carte menu</a> for Economy class, with options like: -Filet of plaice with Hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes, blanched sugar snaps and carrots - Sushi, wakame seaweed salad and lightly smoked salmon with wasabi mayonnaise - Beef Rendang, a slightly spicy Indonesian beef stew with basmati rice and sliced green beans with a side of spicy sambal sauce Otherwise, there is the choice of two hot meals. <a href="">Business class</a> receives an appetizer, choice of main dish, choise of dessert, a selection of cheeses and a glass of port or dessert wine. On flights to India, China, Korea and Japan, meals inspired by the destination are offered. Think curry with chutney, raita and chapati en route to India, for example.