Drake and fellow rapper The Game are earning high praise for their generosity in assisting a Ohio woman dealing with an unimaginable hell.

TMZ reports both musicians are uniting to offset the funeral costs for Anna Angel. Angel was working at a Burger King when she received word from her manager Pat Boes that her mobile home was destroyed by fire, killing her five young children and her boyfriend as well.

After hearing about the tragedy The Game got in touch with Boes and set things in motion.

Handsome Ass Nigga
from my brother Drake champagnepapi for helping in my donation of $22,500 to Ana Angel of…

"I cannot imagine the feeling she had at that moment & when I 1st read this story yesterday I just happened to be on the phone with DRAKE @champagnepapi & told him about it so he offered to help alongside me...." The Game wrote in an instagram post. "So between me and DRAKE on behalf of @TheRobinHoodProject we split a $20,000 donation both donating 10k apiece as well as @51minds (Marrying The Game producers) choppin in with $2,500 so that Ms. Angel can afford the funeral costs for her 5 children & boyfriend as well as a point A to B vehicle."

The original tweet contained an Instagram link with more info. "#Repost from my brother Drake @ChampagnePapi for helping in my donation of $22,500 to Ana Angel of Tiffin, Ohio on behalf of @therobinhoodproject !!!!!!! Info on this story coming in 5 min on my next post as me & Drake are on the phones wiring money #therobinhoodproject"

Twitter was quick to pick up the story with many people giving kudos to Drake and The Game for helping Angel. The donation was the second for The Game in recently weeks. TMZ reported earlier this month The Game donated $10,000 towards the funeral expenses of Tiana Ricks, a six-year-old girl shot outside her home in Moreno Valley, California after two men approached her home and began shooting, hitting the girl and her father.

"I am in pieces over this one being a father of a baby girl myself & there is no way on this earth a child should EVER have to lay inside of a coffin," The Game -- who attended the funeral of Ricks -- wrote in an instagram message. "Rest In Paradise you beautiful little angel & may your life amongst God be a million times better than what earth dealt. My love is with you on your journey into the promise land. #JusticeForTiana"

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  • 1. This is the album cover

    Drake's album art is reminiscent of previous kid-pic covers by LIl Wayne and Biggie Smalls, but as he <a href="http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/949860/drake-explains-nothing-was-the-same-album-art.jhtml" target="_blank">told MTV</a>: "It's a child version of myself staring at myself now. Sometimes when I try and think back on this journey, it's so hard to pinpoint all of these moments and it gets foggy."

  • It’s called 'Nothing Was the Same' (and has a new release date)

    Drake revealed the album’s title way back in March in a <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx7TcxXmw8o" target="_blank">Grammy red carpet interview</a> with Ryan Seacrest. More recently, he posted the promotional video below, in which Drizzy and his pals sip alcohol out of his freshly delivered Grammy award. More more recently, he announced the record would come out <a href="https://twitter.com/Drake/status/370362629958537217" target="_blank">a week later on Sept 24</a>.

  • “Started From The Bottom” is the first single

    With its memorable hook, its Shoppers Drug Mart-themed video, and its <a href="http://neonlimelight.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/drake-started-from-the-bottom.jpg" target="_blank">billboard</a> that sits above a Toronto highway, the first single from "Nothing Was the Same" can only be described as a genuine smash.

  • Once again, things are going to get personal

    As the first single, “Started From the Bottom” set the tone that "Nothing Was the Same" will once again be a confessional piece focused on the intimate details of the star’s life story. Drake gave the <a href="http://www.gq.com/entertainment/celebrities/201307/rapper-drake-in-america-july-2013" target="_blank">first interview</a> of the new album cycle to GQ for a cover story dubbed "How To Drake It In America." Elaborating on the album’s themes, he said, "This is my fucking moment to say if I wanted to rap all the time, really rap, I would, but I also love to make music. I'll do this for you right now. But it's for me, too. It's my story...I'm trying to get back to that kid in the basement. To say what he has to say. And I'm trying to make it last."

  • The first track is called “Tuscan Leather”

    In that <a href="http://www.gq.com/entertainment/celebrities/201307/rapper-drake-in-america-july-2013" target="_blank">GQ interview</a>, Drake revealed the album’s first track. The song contains a Whitney Houston sample, and the title is lifted from "a Tom Ford fragrance that some say smells like a brick of cocaine.”

  • Jay Z is on it

    A few months back, Aubrey was pictured in the studio with Mr. Carter in this photo from the Instagram account of Roc Nation A&R man Lenny Santiago @kodaklens. More recently, Las Vegas’ DJ Franzen <a href="http://rapdose.com/2013/07/15/drake-jay-z-cake" target="_blank">claimed that</a> the latest collaboration from the hip-hop megastars is called “Cake,” and it will appear on NWTS.

  • At least part of it was recorded in Marvin’s Room

    In the past, Drake has taken much inspiration from Marvin Gaye, going so far as to name one of his most famous songs after the studio where the R&B legend crafted much of his late-‘70s material, including famed 1978 album "Here, My Dear." A few <a href="http://wordonroad.net/news/drake-heads-back-to-marvins-room-photos/" target="_blank">recent Instagram photos</a> suggested that Drake was back behind the boards in Marvin’s Room.

  • Jamie XX will be involved in a bigger way

    Drake is known for his close relationship with producer Noah “40” Shebib, but way back in March 2012, he said he was <a href="http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.19189/title.drake-updates-on-third-album-speaks-on-work-with-2-chainz-jamie-xx-noah-40-shebib" target="_blank">eager to collaborate with Jamie XX</a>. “I really want him to have a big presence on this next album,” Drake said, of the UK-based producer, beatsmith, and sonic guru behind The XX.

  • It features vocals from rising Los Angeles R&B star Jhene Aiko

    Sometimes, all it takes is a simple Drake tweet to keep churning out the news. He confirmed the addition of this up and coming singer to the 'NWTS' lineup in June.

  • That “leaked” track list was a fake

    The hip-hop world was buzzing back in May when it appeared Drake’s dad had <a href="http://www.mtv.co.uk/music/urban/10079-drake-s-father-reveals-tracklist-for-nothing-was-the-same-album" target="_blank">accidentally revealed</a> the track list for "Nothing Was the Same." But with the details that have trickled out in the months since, the widely discredited track list looks increasingly bogus.

  • Migos say they’re on it

    Drake contributed a verse to his remix of “Versace,” the smash hit by Atlanta-based trap trio Migos. In this interview with DJ Self, Migos claimed they’ll feature on a track from "Nothing Was the Same."

  • It contains some words of wisdom from Curtis Mayfield

    Drake also <a href="http://www.complexmag.ca/music/2013/06/drake-covers-gq-july-issue-talks-chris-brown-sex-and-nothing-was-the-same" target="_blank">revealed to GQ</a> that the album contains a line from Curtis Mayfield at a 1987 concert in Montreux, in which the legendary musician says, “Having the same fears, shedding similar tears, and of course dying in so many years, it don't mean that we can't have a good life.”

  • Drake recently spent time in the studio with Anthony Hamilton

    Drizzy took to Twitter in late May to say that he was in the studio with “one of my true heroes,” Grammy-award winning soul star Anthony Hamilton. Whether or not this means Hamilton will feature on the new album, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • It could include the newly dropped track “All Me”

    Drake tweeted the title of this jam recently, which features guest spots from 2 Chainz and Big Sean, and an opening sample of Aziz Ansari. When the <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/01/mtv-first-aired-music-videos_n_3690085.html?utm_hp_ref=canada-music&ir=Canada%20Music" target="_blank">song appeared this week</a> on his October’s Very Own blog, the world learned that Drake slept with his former babysitter. Huh.

  • The Weeknd could still be in the picture

    Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye quashed persistent rumours of a growing feud with Drake in a recent <a href="http://www.complexmag.ca/music/2013/07/weeknd-interview-cover-story/page/3" target="_blank">interview with Complex</a>. And after a recent Justin Bieber concert in Toronto, Drake posted an <a href="http://instagram.com/p/cQtwm0jQBY" target="_blank">Instagram photo</a> taken in the studio with his mysterious collaborator. Could they have patched up their differences in the name of music? OVOXO