09/19/2013 01:03 EDT | Updated 11/19/2013 05:12 EST

Cash, cars, pot: police show seized items

Stacks of cash, luxury cars, even high-end homes were on display Thursday in what looked like the set of a game show, but was in fact was a Toronto police news conference showing off the seizure of crime proceeds.

As part of "Project Accountability," police say they seized more than $6 million in cash, some 63 vehicles, even a boat in so-called "asset forfeiture seizures."

Police say many of the items were seized after citizens tipped them off to criminal activity. In one case, more than $500,000 was seized after cleaning staff discovered suspicious bags in a hotel room.

Police say part of the probe is aimed a property owners who knowingly allow illegal activity to happen on their property.

These so-called "problem properties" include marijuana grow operations, crack houses, booze cans and illegal after-hours clubs.