Matthew Good has enjoyed a successful musical career, in a band and as a solo artist, is a political activist and blogger, and is about to release yet another album, "Arrows of Desire" on September 24th, all while being a dedicated father and husband.

The multiple Juno Award-winning musician says his family — wife Raeleigh, son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth and step-daughter Avery — are what keeps the rocker honest these days. That, and tending to the menagerie of animals (horses, a goose, a duck, two chickens and one Flemish giant rabbit) on his property.

"With the family comes responsibilities," says Matt Good. "Like everybody else I've got a mortgage, I've got bills to pay. That kind of stuff like everybody else keeps me up at night. Children keep me down to earth. I'm smiling 90 per cent of the time, furious the other 10."

Really though, there's not much "furious" anymore. While Good may still be best-known for angsty, angry rock songs and a difficult reputation dating back to his early career when he was not-yet-diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar disorder, he is quite simply in a wonderful place these days.

And so to prove it, Matt Good takes us through 15 insanely adorable family photos of his home life that show just how happy he is. (There's hope for us all!)

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  • Matthew Good family, framed

    "This is a family photo we had taken. It was just a family photo that Rae wanted taken. Seriously, my wife sets up family photo shoots just becuase she likes to catalogue absolutely everything. This is obviously way before Elizabeth was born. Rae wasn't pregnant with Elizabeth at the time."

  • Horseback riding

    "That's Avery's horse Ruby. That's my daughter's horse. And that's Tom after they've been working with Ruby... Avery was on Ruby posting or practicing posting, but at the end of it we threw Tom on. He loves Ruby. When we go out in the pasture behind the house he just runs up to [the horses] and he just dives into their legs and stuff and he'll get up on the horse without a saddle and just thinks it's the greatest thing in the world."

  • The Good household

    "That's our house. It's only three years old. About three acres."

  • At the piano

    "That's the piano on 'Lights of Endangered Species.' That's me playing it. Recording a track and someone took that."

  • Carving pumpkins

    "That's Tom's first Halloween so we had to carve pumpkins on the kitchen floor. What dad's doing there is a ritual that dad has been involved in since he was Tom's age, which has been passed down from his mother, which is finding absolutely every bloody pumpkin seed in the pumpkin so that he could wash them in a collander and put them in the oven with tons of salt on them. So that's what we're in the process of doing and Tom and Avery both loved that to death."

  • Stopping by for a bit

    "That is one of our miniatures. We have two miniature ponies that we rescued. That's Dash... we had Dash and then Dash had a foal who's now a yearling Sky. I just had an apple and Rae had just shaved off her winter coat so I had an apple in the kitchen so I just let 'er in the kitchen from the outside so she just hung out in the kitchen and ate the apple and went outside."

  • Mowin' 'em down

    "Tom loves mowing the lawn. Tom's big love in life is tractors. Anything to do with tractors Thomas is just utterly enthralled with it. Mowin' the lawn, he's a big fan of that."

  • Crabs in the bucket

    "That's us at Belcarra crabbin' off a dock. It's not really successful crabbin' off a dock at Belcarra. A lot of people do it. It depends on the bait. You don't really get big stuff. My wife has like a kayak-y canoe thing that kind of you pedal, but you steer the rudder with your hand. She goes quite far out with it and catches her quota and she'll come home with probably store worth $300 of dungeness crab."

  • Wedding on horseback

    "Janine Curry took this photo. That's my wedding. After which she had all of our photos done after the wedding on horseback. It's both of our second marriages so we obviously knew to not make the mistake to spend a lot of money for other people."

  • Born to be wild

    "This is one of Tom's big loves. My father-in-law got him a Kawasaki 50 and he loves it. You can't get him off it. Even if you get off it yourself he wants to go back and stays on it and he turns the key and tries to pull the starter to start it up. He absolutely loves the frickin' thing to death and. That was last summer when he was still one."

  • Missed the train

    This is at the Vancouver zoo which is out in the valley. We go there primarily because my son, his second love in life is trains. It wasn't running that day. We didn't know that it wasn't running. It was pretty cold as you can see he's wearing a toque 'n' stuff. We just turned around and my wife snapped this picture of us, him and me. We were just talking."

  • A new audience

    "This is me playing for my daughter's kindergarten class and everybody got to strum the guitar and I was showing chords and we got to make up funny songs... It was a lot of fun. It was pretty exciting."

  • Family portrait

    "That would be my entire family. My wife's a photographer herself, but she likes to capture as much stuff as she can she's a big scrapbooker. And believe it or not it's a really interesting thing because the kids go through pictures of themselves all the time and they identify when they were born and that kind of stuff. Tom loves his and Avery looks at hers all the time... And because she's always behind the camera she doesn't get a lot of photos with her so she wanted to be on the other side of the camera to get some stuff done."

  • Taking the ferry

    "That'd be us on the ferry coming home from Victoria. I played a show there and everyone met up with me and Rae was with the kids a few days before that in Tofino. That's the us trying to all look at the camera at the same time and of course not succeeding. Avery's doing god knows what. As usual Rae's eyes are half-closed because she never gets lucky like that. God knows where I'm looking because I have sunglasses on. And Tom's just looking off somewhere where he probably wants to go run."

  • Welcome rituals

    "That'd be my youngest daughter Elizabeth and I kind of have this tradition with all my kids when they're young, babies, I always have a nap with them on the sofa and they sleep on my chest. Tom did, Avery did when she was two, but Elizabeth doesn't. She only sleeps at specific times and ever since she was born she always does it. She always sleeps through the night. Doesn't wake up during the night at all."