A case of Tuberculosis, an infectious disease that can attack the lungs, has been confirmed at a high school in Scarborough.

"There's one case involving Tuberculosis with one individual at Mary Ward Secondary Catholic School," Corrado Maltese, the board's safety manager, told CBC News. He said the board was notified about the case yesterday by Toronto Public Health.

It's not clear whether the person ill is a student or staff member, but Maltese said the person is at home and "doing well."

Meanwhile, the school, located at Kennedy Road and McNicoll Avenue, is undergoing extra cleaning and disinfection. Maltese said the school was open today and operating as usual.

Toronto Public Health says there is a very low risk of exposure for people at the school and that only those with "close, prolonged contact" with the infected individual would require any follow-up. 

Maltese says the board is working with health officials to talk to about 20 people who may have been in close contact with the individual. 

He also says letters went out to parents Friday and there will be a presentation for any parents who want more information.

There are about 300 active cases of Tuberculosis annually in Toronto. The disease, which is transmitted through airborne germs, is preventable, treatable and curable with medication

Toronto Public Health says that there are about 12 Tuberculosis exposures in schools ever year, and that the case at Mary Ward "isn't a particularly unusual situation."

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