09/28/2013 11:15 EDT | Updated 11/28/2013 05:12 EST

Laval family deported to El Salvador

The Alvarez-Rivera family is en route to El Salvador after losing a long fight to stay in Canada as refugees, and say they will now face danger and uncertainty in their native country.

Friends and supporters of the couple and three children were at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport early this morning, hoping for a last-minute reprieve that never arrived from the Minister of Public Safety, Steven Blaney.

Dominique Mac Conaill, who works at the school two of the children attended, said fellow students were sad and disappointed to see the family leave.

"The students are very concerned and they’re worried for [the family's] ConaillMont-de-LaSalle

"They are, in a certain way, angry towards the minister that decided to not involve himself and make a decision to keep the family in Canada."

Refugee claims of gang violence fears

Mac Conaill saidEl—

"The parents were clearly sad but also unsure if their security — mostly the security of their children — was going to be at risk or not,” said Mac Conaill.  

Still hope of return to Canada


but under recent changes to immigration law, claimants can now be deported before all appeals have been heard.

Latifa Salifou, one of hundreds of the girls' classmates who rallied to support the family, said she

- New refugee fast-track could hurt legitimate claimants

“It’s just incomprehensible because we have proof, we have documents that prove that yes, they are really in danger," said Salifou.