As a Primate it's guaranteed you often Forget to hit the open road, instead coming to a Standoff with the constant pressures of home and work life.

Well, we encourage you jump in the old Cadillac, dust off the rear-view Mirror and Westward Ho until you find the Entrance to the next small town.

When you arrive, tell the townfolk stories of Czars and Sceptres, of Big Beavers and Moose Jaws.

The Climax of your tale will be when, with one Eyebrow raised, you tell them of a Fertile Vulcan you met in a Fairy Glen while Pelican spotting on the Keg River.

This nonsense story was brought to you by the crazy place names you can find across the Canadian prairies - odd place names in bold.

Check out more unusual place names that can be found in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in the slideshow below. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any!

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  • Vulcan, Alta. It was named in 1915 by a surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railway after the Roman god of fire (and volcanoes). But, obviously, it has now embraced the Star Trek culture, after the television show debuted in 1966.

  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alta. Named for the long tradition of bison hunting, where aboriginal people would run herds of bison off the cliff for meat and hides.

  • Climax, Sask. The town features in the board game Trivial Pursuit, which asks what features on the reverse of the town welcome sign; the answer is: "Come again!".

  • Finger, Man.

  • Cranberry Portage, Man.

  • Moosehorn, Man.

  • Flin Flon, Man. The origin of the town's name is from the lead character in a paperback novel, The Sunless City by J. E. Preston Muddock. <a href="" target="_blank"> The character's name was Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin</a>. A copy of the book was allegedly found and read by prospector Tom Creighton.

  • Adanac, Sask. (Canada spelled backward!)

  • Big Beaver, Sask.

  • Milk River, Alta.

  • Cadillac, Sask.

  • Fertile, Sask.

  • Snowflake, Man.

  • Bacon Ridge, Man.

  • Carrot River, Sask.

  • Moose Jaw, Sask.

  • Drinkwater, Sask.

  • Eyebrow, Sask. The village gets its name from an eyebrow shaped hill above Eyebrow Lake.

  • God Lake, Man.

  • Fairy Glen, Sask.

  • Sceptre, Sask.

  • Smuts, Sask.

  • Acme, Alta.

  • Primate, Sask.

  • Czar, Alta.

  • Entrance, Alta.

  • John D, Alta.

  • Keg River, Alta.

  • Mirror, Alta.

  • Standoff, Alta.

  • Pelican, Alta.

  • Westward Ho, Alta.

  • Forget, Sask.

  • Cereal, Alta.

  • Lucifer Mountain, Alta.

  • Dead Man's Flats, Alta.

  • Ebb and Flow Reserve, Man.

  • Red Sucker Lake, Man.

  • Xena, Sask.

  • Uranium City, Sask.

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