YouTube videos of unknown musicians covering classic songs is nothing new. In fact, it's kind of old. But Vancouver's Michelle Kwan really knocks it out of the park with her version of Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.

Kwan (no, not the figure skater) is a Vancouver teenager who has been playing the gezhou, a Chinese instrument with 18 or more strings, for over 12 years.

"After spending numerous years playing classical music, I decided to venture out and use the guzheng to play other genres," Kwan writes on her YouTube profile. "I've also been experimenting using guitar pedals (distortion, delay, wah, chorus, etc.) on the guzheng."

The combination of musicianship and experimentation results in a very cool sound. Her amazing Guns N' Roses cover alone, has received over 45,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 21.

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  • 5. Cookie Monster "Call Me Maybe"

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  • 7. Destroyer "Leave Me Alone"

    Original artist: New Order If Destroyer's<em> Kaputt</em> made you think that Dan Bejar could offer nothing other than the smoothest sounds in the history of time, you have never been more wrong. Livening the tempo, picking up the pace, and channeling their heroes, Destroyer brings new wave into 2012 without copying any predecessors.

  • 8. Zola Jesus "Diamonds"

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  • 9. Bat For Lashes "We Found Love"

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  • 10. Boy George "Video Games"

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  • 11. Best Coast "Rhiannon"

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  • 12. Bruce Springsteen "The Weight"

    Original artist: The Band The Boss can do no wrong. Which is exactly why his cover of anything should land on any list — especially if it involves jeans. The Band's "The Weight" is no different, as Springsteen once again gives music the "everyman" quality we've come to love and expect.

  • 13. Santigold "Proud Mary"

    Original artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival Think about everything you've come to expect from "Proud Mary" (minus Lisa Simpson's beauty pageant song and dance), and erase it from your mind. Enter: Santigold's <a href="">version</a>, a hardly recognizable electronic effort, which is different, unabashed, and "Santi" through and through. Frankly, anything else would be disappointing.

  • 14. Feist "Black Tongue"

    Original artist: Mastodon Part of her Record Store collaboration with Mastodon, Feist embraced her rock persona to pay tribute to these heshers. No Muppet dancing here (though arguably, that would be major).

  • 15. Mastodon "A Commotion"

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  • 16. Japandroids "Jack the Ripper"

    Original artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds In case you were wondering whether "Jack the Ripper" could get any more aggressive (the song, people!), congratulations, Japandroids. While Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds succeeded at establishing a gothic vibe, the Vancouver two-piece establish the vehemence. We blame the lack of acoustic guitar, and everything else.

  • 17. The Roots/Elvis Costello "Brilliant Disguise"

    Original artist: Bruce Springsteen Well if anyone's going to cover Bruce Springsteen, it <a href="">might as well be</a> Elvis Costello, who, with a little help from The Roots, not only work to remind us why we like them, but why we like Bruce as well. (And you too, Jimmy Fallon. Don't worry.)

  • 18. Austra "None of Dem"

    Original artist: Robyn Attempting a stripped-down version of Robyn is risky enough let alone covering a song that relies on her liveliness. However, Katie Stelmanis' operatic version offers a bleaker side to Robyn's lyrics, making the cover seem almost more appropriate than the poppy original. Don't be surprised if you can't listen to Robyn the same anymore.

  • 19. Alanis Morissette "Basket Case"

    Original artist: Green Day Following news that Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had suffered a breakdown, Alanis took to his defense, going so far as to cover "Basket Case" at the close of Jimmy Kimmel. It worked: suddenly, the song wasn't just trip down memory lane. It represented issues that went far deeper than just a catchy chorus.