10/11/2013 02:29 EDT | Updated 12/11/2013 05:12 EST

Best Band Ever: Your chance to vote in On The Coast search

I’m sure we can all agree that ketchup is the superior condiment.

What’s that you say? Mayonnaise? Are you mad!

And therein lies the fun of On The Coast’s great search to find the Best Band Ever.

Over the past four weeks OTC listeners have been sending us their nominations and song requests.

Here’s a Greatest Hits from our inbox:

“Pink Floyd challenged the status quo of music during their peak.  They did not conform to what was 'popular' style at the time.” – Jennifer Harvey

 “Once one bears witness to the awe-inspiring talent, tightness and gusto of The Mothers of Invention, it is tough not to admit that they are the best band modern history has produced.” Daniel Deorksen

“I've got to go with The Rolling Stones. They are the best band ever. Its about passion, attitude, emotion. Its about dirty, grritty and in your face lyrics and rifts. Its unadulterated rock'n roll.” – Harmeet Sekhon.

We tallied up the emails and came up with a top five. And this past week we’ve had a few of the listeners who wrote in come on the show and defend their pick for a final online vote.

By next week we will know the band On The Coast listeners think reigns above all others.

We’ll most definitely check in with Paul or Mick for their response.