10/11/2013 07:02 EDT | Updated 12/11/2013 05:12 EST

Cars damaged by vandals in Chomedey neighbourhood

Police are investigating after several cars appear to have been vandalized in Laval’s Chomedey neighbourhood.

Laval police Const. Nathalie Lorrain said small patches of blistered, peeling paint appeared on the vehicles. She said it’s possible the damage was caused by acetone — likely a bottle of nail polish remover.

Resident Yiota Papadopoulos said several members of her family have been affected.

"My husband woke up in morning to go to work and he saw that his car had some sort of liquid on it that bubbled up the paint. And the day before my father realized the same thing on his car."

Papadopoulos said the same thing also happened to the car of her cousin's husband.

Lorrain said at least ten cars in a three block radius were hit with a total of a few hundred dollars in damages.

"Probably the suspect or suspects drove by in a car and used a bottle of nail polish remover and just squirted it on parked cars on the street randomly.”

Police said there were no witnesses and they're asking anyone with information to contact them immediately at 450 662-4636.