10/12/2013 08:55 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Coach's Corner: Why Cherry dislikes Hertl's celebration

Don Cherry has a beef with San Jose Sharks rookie forward Tomas Hertl's post-goal antics. 

The never bashful Coach's Corner commentator explained on his Hockey Night in Canada segment Saturday why he wasn't a fan of how Hertl celebrated his fourth goal of the game in San Jose's 9-2 rout of the New York Rangers on Tuesday night.

Hertl had just scored a spectacular between-the-legs goal and was skating around grinning with enthusiasm with the game already well in hand. Cherry thinks the display was embarrassing for opposing goalie Martin Biron and his teammates and didn't think it was necessary.

"If the score had been 1-1, I would have said 'hey, what a goal,'" Cherry said. "But I want you people out there to think about this: I want you think if Martin Biron was your son, or your brother in an 8-2 [game], and everybody's laughing at [Biron].

"How would you like it if it was your brother or your son or your dad? To do that, and then laugh at him, and I look at it like that..."

But despite his displeasure with the rookie, he also said he understood why he was so enthusiastic and didn't blame him entirely.

"[Hertl] didn't do anything wrong," Cherry said. "He played in the Czech Republic last year; this is what they do and you can see him laughing. He didn't understand. And kids, you don't do that."

Cherry also referenced a more reserved celebration on a goal by Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn and called it a "class" way to behave, and compared it to Hertl's antics. 

"That's why I'm not really giving it to Hertl like I should be," Cherry said, "Because he doesn't know the difference."

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