Winter Life Hacks: Canada's Winter Is Upon Us, Here's How To Hack It

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Winter life hacks: What to do to maintain your sanity this winter. | Getty

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. Or as some Canadians across the land can say, winter is here.

Don't fret, The Huffington Post Canada's team has collaborated on a list of winter life hacks that will make freezing days go by in a breeze. Ready for the list?

How do you hack winter? Tell us in the comments below:

  • 1
    Toe Warmers Will Make You Kings Among Men
  • 2
    Use Umbrellas When It Snows - Because Why Not?
  • 3
    Stuck In The Snow? Use Kitty Litter To Give Your Tires Some Traction
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  • 4
    Free Up Freezer Space By Chilling Drinks Outside
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  • 5
    Three Words: Salt. The. Earth.
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  • 6
    Use A Broom To Sweep Light Snow
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  • 7
    Tired Of Bulky Long Johns? Wear Running Tights That Fit Better And Feel Like A Super Hero
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  • 8
    Use The Oven For As Much Baking And Cooking As Possible. Then Open The Oven Door And Cozy Up As The Room Gets Warmer And Smells Delicious
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  • 9
    Mittens > Gloves When Cycling
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  • 10
    Stuff Your Wet Shoes With Magically Hyper-Absorbent Shop Towels Used By Auto-Mechanics
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  • 11
    Or A Plastic Bag
  • 12
    Place Screws In Shoe Soles And Stop Slipping On Icy Roads (More Here)
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  • 13
    Getty Images
  • 14
    Make Your Own Conductive Gloves To Use Your Phone Outside (More Here)
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  • 15
    Use Quartered Pool Noodles To Keep Your Boots Upright
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  • 16
    If All Else Fails, Hibernate. Bears Do It.
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  • 17
    Or Head To Warmer Lands For A Break
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  • 18
    Happy Winter!
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