Environmentalist David Suzuki is the most admired Canadian, according to a poll from Angus Reid Global.

Suzuki garnered admiration from 57 per cent of those polled, beating out 14 other notable Canucks such as Don Cherry and Margaret Atwood. The poll also included federal party leaders, with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau having earned 34 per cent, followed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with 23 per cent, Elizabeth May and Tom Mulcair.

Sen. Mike Duffy, who was embroiled in the Senate expenses scandal, was among one of the least-admired Canadians according to the poll. Fellow embattled senator Pamela Wallin also ranked fairly low.

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  • List from Angus Reid Global. <a href="http://www.angusreidglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Suzuki-tops-list-of-admired-Canadians.pdf" target="_blank">View the full results here</a>.

  • Mike Duffy

    Admire: 4% Don't admire: 70% Don't know this person: 22%

  • Conrad Black

    Admire: 5% Don't admire: 69% Don't know this person: 18%

  • John Furlong

    Admire: 6% Don't admire: 23% Don't know this person: 63%

  • Pamela Wallin

    Admire: 7% Don't admire: 59% Don't know this person: 25%

  • Belinda Stronach

    Admire: 11% Don't admire: 45% Don't know this person: 29%

  • Tom Mulcair

    Admire: 20% Don't admire: 40% Don't know this person: 23%

  • Stephen Lewis

    Admire: 20% Don't admire: 21% Don't know this person: 51%

  • Elizabeth May

    Admire: 22% Don't admire: 34% Don't know this person: 29%

  • Stephen Harper

    Admire: 23% Don't admire: 63% Don't know this person: 1%

  • Don Cherry

    Admire: 27% Don't admire: 52% Don't know this person: 8%

  • Justin Trudeau

    Admire: 34% Don't admire: 45% Don't know this person: 4%

  • Margaret Atwood

    Admire: 34% Don't admire: 23% Don't know this person: 28%

  • Peter Mansbridge

    Admire: 48% Don't admire: 16% Don't know this person: 22%

  • Rick Hansen

    Admire: 50% Don't admire: 13% Don't know this person: 28%

  • David Suzuki

    Admire: 57% Don't admire: 23% Don't know this person: 7%

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  • Rachel McAdams

  • Justin Bieber

  • Shenae Grimes

  • Emily VanCamp

  • Sandra Oh

  • Eric McCormack

  • Neve Campbell

  • Kristin Kreuk

  • Nia Vardalos

  • Martin Short

  • Elisha Cuthbert

  • Ellen Page

  • Malin Ackerman

  • William Shatner

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui

  • Will Arnett

  • Jay Baruchel

  • Dan Aykroyd

  • Hayden Christensen

  • Nathan Fillion

  • Ryan Gosling

  • Cobie Smulders

  • Seth Rogen

  • Michael J. Fox

  • Cory Monteith

  • Michael Cera

  • Evangeline Lilly

  • Matthew Perry

  • Anna Paquin

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  • 10: Chip Wilson - $3.5 billion

    The founder of Lululemon has cracked the top 10 list with a net worth of $3.5 billion.

  • 9: Carlo Fidani - $3.6 billion

    Fidani is the heir to a Toronto-area real estate fortune. He runs Orlando Corp.

  • 8: Saputo family - $4.23 billion

    Lino Saputo established dairy giant Saputo Inc. in the 1960s, growing it to one of Canada's largest companies. His son, Joey, is pictured here.

  • 7: Paul Desmarais, Sr. - $4.4 billion

    Desmarais is the chairman of Power Corp.

The least known Canadians on the list include former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong and Stephen Lewis, former UN special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The pollster left out many other high-profile Canadians, but Angus Reid Global Vice President Shachi Kurl said in a statement that its list is the first in a series, and personalities will be added or removed from the list “based on our findings.”

She told The Globe and Mail most of the people on the first draft made headlines over the summer. Others are high-profile personalities. Kurl also noted businesswoman and former MP Belinda Stronach was added for “gender balance.”

The online survey randomly polled 1,017 Canadians from Oct. 9-Oct. 17. Its complete results are also broken down by region.

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