10/25/2013 10:01 EDT | Updated 12/25/2013 05:12 EST

Hollywood-style robbery shocks Montreal boutique

The owner of a men’s wear store on St-Laurent Boulevard says he’s doing his best to turn the page after a Hollywood-style robbery cost him thousands of dollars.

Jonah Leslie, the owner of Héritage-Inheritance boutique, said he got a phone call in the morning about a month ago.

He said an employee had opened up the store to discover the second-storey had been almost completely emptied out.

“I’m telling you they took upwards of 350 individual items. It was pretty astonishing for us,” Leslie said.

Even more shocking was the method the robbers used to access the building.

The thieves managed to break through the upstairs wall by going through an empty apartment in an adjacent building.

Leslie said that would have required going through two thick brick walls and a gyproc wall.

“They came very prepared. They knew what they were doing obviously,” Leslie said.

He said the robbers stole a range of men's wear including jackets, dress shirts, jeans, and shoes.

With a net loss of about $40,000, Leslie said it was difficult to accept the blow. 

He said he built up his store from next-to-nothing over 10 years.

“I started with one box of clothing that I brought back from Bangkok … and I built it into what I have now which is two floors on the main.”

But, Leslie said, “the show must go on.”