10/27/2013 09:19 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Hudak questions why NDP willing to 'prop up' Liberals

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak wants to know why the New Democrats are continuing to "prop up" the governing Liberals at a time when he believes there should be change at Queen's Park.

Hudak penned an open letter to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Sunday, saying he is "astounded" that the third-party has allowed the minority government to survive by helping it pass budgets over the past two years.

The Progressive Conservatives have voted against each of the minority Liberals' budgets, while the New Democrats have won concessions from the government in consecutive years during the budget process.

Citing a series of high-profile scandals that have tarred the Liberals, Hudak asks the NDP leader what more must occur "to convince you that this government is concerned only with their short-term political interests, not the long-term interests of Ontario families?"

The PC leader then goes on to suggest that the New Democrats are "more in sync" with the priorities of government than with those of Ontario families, though he also says Horwath can help put the province on a different course.

"You can help us put Ontario on the right track... or you can keep Ontario on the wrong track by making your priorities the priorities of the Liberal Party," Hudak says in the letter.

The letter ends with a request for Horwath to sit down with Hudak in the near future.

Hudak’s letter came just a day after Horwath told reporters that the New Democrats are unlikely to attempt to trigger an election this fall.

Horwath said that if an election comes, it will be because Premier Kathleen Wynne chooses to call one.

Ontario’s governing Liberals have held a minority position in the legislature since the provincial election two years ago.

And due to a series of Liberal MPP departures and corresponding byelections, the government now holds just 49 of the 107 seats at Queen’s Park. The PCs have 37 seats and the New Democrats have 20. One seat remains vacant.