10/29/2013 03:46 EDT | Updated 12/29/2013 05:12 EST

Stephen Harper calls for Mike Duffy's removal from Senate

Prime Minister Stephen Harper called for Mike Duffy's removal from the Senate during question period today, a day after the former Conservative dropped a second bombshell saying there were not one but two cheques cut to him by Harper's former chief of staff.

Duffy told the Senate on Monday that Nigel Wright, Harper's former chief of staff, arranged to have his legal fees paid by the Conservative Party — in addition to the $90,000 cheque Wright gave Duffy to repay his ineligible expenses.

The prime minister did not, however, deny on Tuesday that the party cut Duffy a second cheque to cover his legal fees.

"That is a regular practice. The party regularly reimburses members of its caucus for valid legal expenses — as do other parties," Harper said.

Growing visibly more angry with every allegation coming from a senator he once appointed, Harper said Duffy's claim that he had paid back his ineligible expenses using his own funds "turned out to be untrue."

"Which is why Mr. Duffy should be removed from the Senate," Harper said.