10/30/2013 12:33 EDT | Updated 12/29/2013 05:12 EST

Charbonneau commission hears recorded conversations

The Charbonneau corruption inquiry has started hearing excerpts from conversations between a man who police believe is a key player in the Montreal mafia and a high-ranking member of Quebec's Federation of Labour (FTQ) construction wing.

The commission heard hours of recorded conversations between Jocelyn Dupuis, the former director of the FTQ's construction wing, and RaynaldDesjardins — reputed for being a close associate of the Rizzutto clan with ties to the Hells Angels, who is .

Investigators told the commission that the two men were hatching a scheme to steal money from the union's savings fund.

Dupuis tried to persuade the president of the FTQ, Michel Arsenault, to lend $7.5 million to help out a company called Carboneutre.

Arsenault, it seemed, didn't know Desjardins was in charge of the company.

In one of the 27 conversations played Tuesday at the commission, Dupuis is heard insisting Desjardins not show up for a meeting with Arsenault.

Commission investigator Nicodemo Milano told the corruption inquiry that the fund’s managers did nothing wrong, and that they were only doing their jobs.

The inquiry also saw a video showing Dupuis kissing kingpin Desjardins on the cheek, which Milano said was a sign of the familiarity between the two.