Selfies are, literally, rising from the dead.

Maybe it's part of the modern grieving process.

You know, attend your aunt's funeral, pay respects, and take a selfie.

Not only is a late family member or friend happy you stopped by, but they will be delighted to adorn your Facebook wall for all your friends to see how close the two of you, apparently, remain.

Or maybe it is the ultimate act of selfie-ness -- where taking a picture of oneself transcends our most sacred rites. And we should be kind of ashamed to try to hog the spotlight from the dead.

Doesn't dying qualify as the ultimate MY DAY?

Apparently not.

The Twitterverse is positively dancing with the clicks and the dead -- hundreds of thousands of images are tagged #funeral. And a host of them are unabashed selfies, with the deceased consigned to background fodder.

There's also a dedicated hashtag -- #funeralselfie. And, unnaturally, a tumblr, for necroselfiacs.

Surely, we've seen plenty of selfies taken at places and on occasions, many would consider sensitive.

Just look at what Jake Fletcher did earlier this year at the site of the worst nuclear disaster the world has ever seen:

Go Jake.

And here's Jacob Ware going full gangster (okay, maybe just half gangster) at Anne Frank's old house. Yup, the very same place where a terrified girl hid from Nazi persecution -- until she was caught and disappeared at a concentration camp.

Now, look at Goosey the Great taking it to another level at, what is by her own admission, her dad's funeral.

Erica St. James appears to have been waiting an eternity for this funeral.

Do some people just really dig graves?

Or is something not right about this picture?

To you, dear reader, we leave final judgment. Or, at least, second to final judgment.

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