Don't have a costume yet? Not sure whether you have the time to make a DIY Halloween costume idea come to life? Tired of spending tons of money on clothes you'll only wear once?

Instead of spending hours upon hours of fashioning together yet another Miley Cyrus outfit, why not pick up a few makeup essentials for an alternative, last-minute Halloween costume?

We've rounded up some cheap and creative Halloween makeup ideas which don't take that much time or money to create and they don't all involve being zombies. (Plus, you'll really impress your friends when they see your Jack Skellington face).

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  • Jack Skellington

  • Pop Art

  • Cat

  • E.T.

  • Cat Eye

  • Crying Nun

  • Pop Zombie

  • Scary Pumpkin

  • Day Of The Dead

  • Injured Man

  • Night Queen

  • Scary Clown

  • Dead Girl

  • Dead Guy

  • Skeleton

  • Pop Art

  • Queen Of The Sea

  • Clown

  • Pregnant Zombie

  • Skeleton

  • Carrie

  • Butterfly Mask

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  • Mary Poppins

    Find a kooky hat, an old floral bag and go through your closet for a long black skirt, matching blazer and a white blouse. Wrap yourself up in a scarf, pick up an umbrella and you'll be "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" in no time.

  • Link

    The Zelda video game character requires a lot of green felt, brown boots, a makeshift sword and shield.

  • Grumpy Cat

    Paint your face brown and white, make some ears out of material from a fabric store and sport the biggest frown you've ever worn.

  • Gingerbread Man

    There's no need to bake actual gingerbread for this costume. Go the literal route and throw on loaves of bread around you and dye your hair ginger red.

  • Penny

    Get some cardboard and spray paint it bronze, attach it to your head and voilà! You are now a currency.

  • Grey Scale

    Ever wanted to look as if you lived in black-and-white à la "Pleasantville"? Just wear solely black and white and paint your skin grey.

  • Pregnant Zombie

    Flaunt your baby bump by pretending there's a zombie breaking out! Grab an old doll, some fake blood, glue and a shirt you're not afraid of ripping up.

  • Scarecrow

    Do your best Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow impression by cutting up an old sack, sew up the mouth and draw 'X's" on the sewed-up mouth.

  • "Where The Wild Things Are" - Carol

    This costume requires a bit more time and effort, but the results are spectacular. Go to your nearest fabric store and get black and tan material, and make the head, horns and nose out of paper mache.

  • Poison Ivy

    The "Batman" character is actually perfect for Halloween because there are so many leaves to pick from the trees! Glue the leaves to a bodysuit, paint your face with lots of sparkly green makeup and find a cheap red wig.

  • Red Bull

    This one is easy. Get a lot of duct tape, construct it into a dress, paint it blue and cut out the letters Red Bull from a print-out and tape them on the dress.

  • Pac-Man

    Construct the Pac-man out of cardboard and hang it on a black sweater by using straps.

  • Pretty Skeleton

    Paint your skin black with white bones on your arms, chest and face and throw on an old black dress.

  • Slave Leia

    Everyone loves a good Slave Leia! Grab some red felt and cut up dyed-gold cardboard for the skirt and make the bikini out of cardboard or felt.

  • Elliott From "E.T"

    Throw on a red hoodie and grab yourself a milk carton and bike handles. If you can't get your hands on an E.T. doll, put in your pet and wrap a white blanket around them!

  • "The Hangover"

    Even if you don't have a real baby, you can pick up a doll for cheap and wrap it in a blanket around you. Just make sure to wear a pair of sunnies and stick out your gut.

  • Lucy And Charlie Brown

    This super cute idea involves a yellow shirt, a blue dress and a black marker.

  • Edward Scissorhands

    Kink your hair out a bit with a hair curler, paint your face with pale white makeup and a bit of black highlighter on the cheeks and mouth and throw on a black turtleneck and white collared-shirt.

  • Prince

    Give yourself your best jheri curl, paint on a moustache and small goatee and throw on a ruffled and bedazzled shirt.

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  • Taylor Swift

    Grab a cheap guitar or make your own DIY sequined microphone to accessorize your outfit which should include high-waisted short shorts and a sexy blouse. Don't forget the red lips!

  • Anna Wintour

    Grab a pair of sunnies, a copy of the September issue of Vogue, a bob wig and your Sunday Best.

  • Victoria Beckham

    Find your loosest piece of clothing you have (muumuu, jumpsuit, etc) as long as it's in black, put on a pair of your highest heels and strike a hard pose.

  • Kristen Stewart

    This one's easy: All you need is a baseball cap, a white tee, skinny jeans and Chucks. Don't forget to frown a lot!

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Head over to your nearest Value Village and find an old ballgown, then when you're out and about, keep falling down on any stairs you can find.

  • Kate Middleton

    Blow out your hair, wear a polka dot dress, find a replica sapphire engagement ring and for bonus points, get yourself a plastic baby.

  • Beyonce

    Grab a sparkly bodysuit, curl your hair and you're golden.

  • Johnny Depp

    Johnny is all about the accessories so wrap yourself in layers of necklaces, chains, bracelets and rings. Next, go to your local thrift shop and get a collared shirt, striped vest, blazer and an old hat.

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