11/03/2013 08:01 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

New candidates and familiar faces in borough mayor battles

With several borough mayor seats left empty by resignations and retirements, and others challenged by former party colleagues now running for opposing teams, the borough races in Montreal were far from decided before election day.  


​Left without a permanent borough mayor when Michael Applebaum left to become interim mayor of the greater city, Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce found itself without an incumbent for the borough's top job this election. Interim borough mayor Lionel Perez, elected by acclamation in November 2012, decided to defend his city council seat rather than seek the job on a permanent basis. 

Businessman and member of one of the country's long-serving political families, Kevin Copps, made his first foray into municipal politics with his bid for mayor in the borough under Denis Coderre's banner. The brother of Liberal MP Sheila Copps and son of Hamilton mayor Vic Copps has lived in the borough for more than two decades. 

Also no stranger to political life, former Liberal MNA Russell Copeman appeared on the municipal ballot for borough mayor this time around. The four-way race was rounded out by former municipal communications officer Andrew Ross, running for Melanie Joly's team, and lawyer Michael Simkin, running under Projet Montreal. 

The Plateau

Held up by Projet Montréal as the example of successful governance, incumbent mayoral candidate Luc Ferrandez's leadership of the borough drew both praise and criticism.

The party's 10 seat gain in the 2009 municipal election, including two mayoral races, was in large part due to Projet Montréal's Plateau team, which took every borough and city councillor seat. 

But Ferrandez wasn't given a free pass this election and the key loss of councillor Piper Huggins to the Coalition side meant the party had one less incumbent to count on. 

Coalition Montreal ran actress Danièle Lorain in the borough mayoral race and management consultant Gilbert Thibodeau represented Denis Coderre's team. Independent candidate Martin Boyer was also on the ballot. 


Borough mayor since 2007, Marie Cinq-Mars elected to form her own party after the dissolution of Union Montréal. Running under the "Conservon Outremont" party, Cinq-Mars, a former teacher, was challenged this election by architect Étienne Coutu, lawyer and volunteer firefighter Renaud Tilquin, architect Paul-André Tétreault, and doctor Comlan Amouzou.


The retirement of former Union Montréal mayor Monique Worth left Pierrefonds-Roxboro without an incumbent this election. All four of the main mayoral candidates ran their own candidates for mayor of the borough. 

Two familiar faces — city councillor Christian G. Dubois for Coalition Montréal and borough councillor Dimitrios Jim Beis for Denis Coderre's team — quickly emerged to fill the void left by Worth. Both are former Union Montréal members. 

While he didn't have the immediate experience of the two sitting councillors, financial planner Michael Labelle had political pedigree on his side. His father served as the mayor of Pierrefonds in the 60s. 

Software engineer and project manager Karim Metwalli represented Melanie Joly's Le Vrai Changement team in the borough mayor race.

CBC will report the results for all of the Montreal boroughs as they're made available by the city.

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