From the same man who brought you those hilarious 'A Boston Bruins Fan In Vancouver' YouTube videos comes an impersonation so spot-on we're almost asking for the real Owen Wilson to please stand up.

'Owen Wilson Loves Vancouver' shows comedian Andrew Barber posing as the celebrity actor, rocking a blonde wig and eyebrows and talking in that famous Owen Wilson drawl. We see "Wilson" touring the city in search of a house to buy, and along the way discovering some of the city's finest assets—like "the nicest grass," a "gorgeous assortment of rocks," and a garbage can with "character." We even see "Owen Wilson" having some fun at the New Amsterdam Cafe & Headshop (the real Wilson was indeed in Vancouver about a month ago, VancityBuzz reports, though he was only seen riding a bike).

We think the impression is pretty accurate—and hilarious. Do you agree?

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