11/13/2013 11:27 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Hawksley Workman brings ecstasy and wine to Vancouver

Canadian rock singer-singwriter Hawksley Workman hits the stage in Vancouver Wednesday night.

He's performing his one-man cabaret production The God that Comes at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre — also known as The Cultch — until Nov. 24.

But this production is a little different from what his fans may be used to seeing. The artist who brought us Jealous of Your Cigarette leaves his rock 'n' roll presence behind for a more theatrical tone.

"When you get a little older I think you get a little bored with yourself and you start looking for other things and this was just one of the other things I found," Workman told Rick Cluff on the CBC's The Early Edition. 

Workman also says it's a change for him to stay put for so long.

"To be in one place for two weeks is an interesting's an extraordinary, wonderful thing," he says.

The two-time Juno Award winner also explained how this production — loosely based on the story of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, ecstasy and ritual madness — was inspired by his frustration with the current Canadian political scene.

Workman will be performing at The Cultch at 8 p.m. PT  every day (excluding Monday Nov. 18) until Nov., 24. Tickets are priced from $18 upwards.

Please note that The God That Comes is for ages 19 and older.

Watch the trailer: