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  • The Trebek

    Alex Trebek

  • The 'I'm Definitely Going To Space'

    Chris Hadfield

  • The 'I Told You'

    Chris Hadfield

  • The Barely Bieber

    Justin Bieber

  • Can You Spot The Stache?

  • Maybe Stick To This

  • The Legend

    Lanny McDonald

  • The Moustache That Keeps On Giving

    Lanny McDonald

  • The Gosling - The Grunge Years

    Ryan Gosling

  • The Gosling - The Blue Period

  • The Gosling - The Golden Age

  • The I Invented The Telephone And I Don't Care What You Say

    Alexander Graham Bell

  • The Boss

    Pat Burns

  • The 'Try Harder'

    Michael Cera

  • The Talker

    Peter Gzowski

  • The 9.79*

    Ben Johnson

  • The Fail

    Stephen Harper

  • The Ridiculously Distinguished Gentleman

    Christopher Plummer

  • The Body Break

    Hal Johnson

  • The Inventor

    James Naismith

  • The Save The World

    David Suzuki

  • The Artful Communist

    Norman Bethune

  • The Tragically Hip

    Rob Baker

  • The Hero

    Lincoln Alexander

  • The Lightfoot

    Gordon Lightfoot

  • The Don't Even Think About It

    Bill McCreary

  • The Eyebrow Stache

    Eugene Levy

  • The Revolutionary Rogue

    Louis Riel

  • The 'On The Road Again'

    Wayne Rostad

  • The Literary Legend

    Farley Mowat

  • The Professor

    Robertson Davies

  • Just Jack

    Jack Layton

  • And The Early Years

    Jack Layton

  • The Anti-Imperialist

    Henri Bourassa

  • The Funny Guy

    John Candy

  • The Uncle Louis

    Louis St. Laurent

  • The General

    Romeo Dallaire

  • The Nobel Laureate

    Bertram Brockhouse

  • The Captain

    Wendel Clark

  • The Guess Who

    The Guess Who

  • The War Leader

    Robert Borden

  • The Honorary Canadian

    <a href="" target="_blank">Robert Goulet</a> (a 'lost' Canadian)

  • The Glad It's Temporary

    Justin Trudeau, with Scott Simms

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  • Freddie Mercury

  • Jude Law

  • James Franco

  • George Clooney

  • Orlando Bloom

  • Zac Efron

  • Eddie Murphy