11/21/2013 11:41 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Senate scandal: At Issue panel weighs in on what Harper knew

The National's At Issue panel gives their thoughts on the recently released RCMP documents related to the Senate expense scandal and the questions raised about what Prime Minister Stephen Harper knew regarding the repayment of Senator Mike Duffy's expenses.

At Issue panelist Andrew Coyne said that long-term damage is being done to the Conservative party and Harper and that he is a much diminished figure in parliament because of the scandal. 

Panelist Bruce Anderson said it's a miscalculation for the party to keep obfuscating on the issue.

Panelist Chantal Hebert said the government is in "unknown territory" because for the first time a chief of staff has come under allegations of criminal behaviour in the exercise of his duties.

Watch the full At Issue video above.