11/22/2013 03:51 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Man who was arrested for stalking children previously pleaded guilty to possessing child porn

A man charged yesterday with stalking children on Montreal’s West Island previously pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.

Howard Krupp, 67, was arrested by Montreal police after parents in Kirkland spotted a man hanging around their elementary school-aged children.

Krupp allegedly met children at their bus stop after school and followed them to their homes.

He appeared in court yesterday and was released under the condition that he doesn’t have any contact with children.

More conditions for his release may be imposed at a later date.

Krupp was arrested for Internet child porn

In 2000, Krupp was arrested and charged with possession and distribution or selling of child pornography after New Hampshire police tracked thousands of files containing pornographic material to his computer.

          From the archives:

New Hampshire authorities turned over its findings to local police in Sept. 1999. Montreal investigators arrested Krupp six months later, after conducting their own investigation and a search of Krupp’s home.

The files contained explicit images of young boys.

Krupp served an 18-month sentence in the community after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography in 2001. 

Krupp was a foster parent

At the time of his 2000 arrest, Krupp served as a foster parent for Batshaw Youth Services. A foster child was under his care when police began investigating him.

As reported by CBC News in 2000, the 10-year-old boy was removed from the care of Krupp and his wife and their home was closed to foster care.

Police tipped off by parents and social media  

CBC News first became aware of a man socializing with children at a bus stop by way of a Facebook post from a concerned parent.

Police said that over the last month — from Oct. 20 to Nov. 14 — the Pierrefonds man would approach students when they got off the school bus.

Officers say he would act friendly, make conversation with the children and follow them right to their homes in Kirkland.

Investigators say they were able to identify the man easily, based on descriptions from local parents.

Krupp is facing two charges of criminal harassment, but police said more charges are possible as their investigation continues.

Montreal police are looking for possible victims.

Krupp is due back in court on Jan. 27, 2014.