Colorado school board member wants some transgender students castrated

11/27/2013 11:03 EST | Updated 01/27/2014 05:59 EST
A Delta County School Board member in Colorado stands by her comments that transgender students should be castrated before they're allowed to use bathrooms that fit their gender identity.

Katherine Svenson was reacting to recently adapted policies in Massachusetts and California that protect the rights of students who identify as a gender that differs from their biological one.

“I just want to emphasize, not in this district. Not until the plumbing’s changed," she told a public meeting of the school board last month. "There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here.”

She defended her comments as she spoke to local CBS television affiliate KREX last week.

“I don’t have a problem if some boys think they are girls,” she said. “I’m just saying as long as they can impregnate a woman, they’re not going to go in the girls’ locker-room.”

Although Colorado has no laws to protect the rights of transgender students, the state's Civil Rights Division recently ruled an elementary school discriminated against a transgender 6-year-old child by barring her from using the girls' bathroom.