11/27/2013 06:50 EST | Updated 01/27/2014 05:59 EST

Meteorite strike may have caused loud boom in Quebec, Ontario

A meteorite strike may have been seen and heard on Montreal's West Island, the Vaudreuil region and the Ottawa area on Tuesday night, according to multiple reports.

Social media in parts of Quebec and Ontario were buzzing with reports of a loud boom on Tuesday at about 8 p.m. E.T.

Quebec provincial police said they received several calls about the incident, and had no reports of explosions or fires.

Andrew Fazekas, a spokesman for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, felt the tremor from his home.

He told CBC it possibly could have been a shock wave caused by a meteorite entering the atmosphere. Experts will analyze the data Wednesday, to confirm whether it was a sonic boom.

Fazekas speculates that a meteor, the size of a sofa to a compact car, may have fragmented with some bits making it to the ground.

He says on his website that scientists will now comb through the reports along with any photo and video evidence in order to triangulate the trajectory of the possible meteorite.

Although the fall of a meteor can often be detected by seismographs, Earthquake Canada says it has not registered any such event.

Fazekas added this appears to be a minor event since there are no reports of damage.