11/28/2013 03:46 EST | Updated 01/28/2014 05:59 EST

City moves to clear Manor Road home of fire hazards

Toronto firefighters are in the midst of clearing hazards from a Manor Road home that is well-known to neighbours for the boxes and garbage piled up on its porch and the numerous cats that live on the property.

Since Wednesday, firefighters have been at the property at 313 Manor Rd., as part of a process that is expected to stretch into Friday.

The home is located between Mount Pleasant Road and Bayview Avenue, a few blocks south of Eglinton Avenue East.

Coun. Josh Matlow recently sent a letter to area residents, advising them that Toronto Fire and the city had received a court order allowing them to enter the home and dispose of items inside.

He said that animal services, public health and police representatives are also taking part in the effort at the Manor Road home.

Matlow’s letter indicates that the occupant had been given opportunity "to throw out belongings on his own accord," though a judge gave the city the permission to intervene after this did not happen.

The councillor’s letter indicates that the home was previously boarded up to prevent the occupant from going inside, as he had been using candles for lighting and as a source of heat.