12/02/2013 01:44 EST | Updated 02/01/2014 05:59 EST

Ontario power rates to rise under new plan

The Ontario government has just unveiled its long-term energy strategy and if you're paying a power bill, you can expect to pay up to 33 per cent more.

The average monthly bill in Ontario right now is around $125 per month.

By 2016, that will jump to $167 per month. Within 20 years, the average bill will skyrocket to $210 per month.

One of the factors is the end of the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit which currently knocks 10 per cent off part of your hydro bill.

There are no plans to continue that program beyond 2015.

Instead, the Wynne government will introduce programs aimed an encouraging ratepayers to use less power.

Their plans include a new program to offer loans for renovations to boost energy efficiency with the payback cost added to the monthly hydro bill.

There are also plans for a program to allow each ratepayer to view their electricity usage rates compared and contrasted with their neighbours.

The government says though rates are going up, they are not as high as predicted in the last energy plan released three years ago.

That's thanks in part to the billions the government will save by deciding not to build two nuclear plants.

The opposition argues this is not good news, saying the reason the province doesn't need new sources of power is because so many manufacturing jobs have been lost in Ontario.