12/03/2013 10:45 EST | Updated 02/02/2014 05:59 EST

Deck your doorway with a DIY fresh-cut Christmas wreath

Ever wanted to make your own Christmas wreath, but didn't feel like breaking out the glue gun?

It's surprisingly easy to make a festive wreath from foliage you find in your garden or the local woods.

Melina Biron has been making wreaths for family and friends since she was president of the student Horticultural Society at UBC. Here are her tips for decking your doorway with boughs of holly, and more.

Supplies you'll need:

- metal wreath frame (available from a craft store)

- fishing line

- florist wire

- gardening gloves (to protect your hands from thorns and splinters)

- small garden clippers

- moss

- evergreen boughs such as cedar, juniper, spruce or pine

- ornamental boughs such as holly, beauty berries, red hawthorne (cut these much shorter than the evergreen boughs)

​​What to do:

- Pack the moss around the metal frame.

- Secure the moss by wrapping florist wire around the frame, leaving space every two to four inches. Once you've completed the circle, twist the wire ends together and tuck under the frame, out of sight.

- Working in a circular direction, cover the frame with evergreen boughs. Inserting the cut ends underneath the wire, layering as you go. For best results, use boughs that roughly follow the curve of the wreath. You can use one type or alternate up to three different kinds of evergreen boughs for more visual interest.

- Wrap fishing line around your wreath to gently tame the evergreen boughs, if necessary.

- Working in the same direction, layer the ornamental boughs, tucking them into the moss using the wrapped wire or fishing line to secure the ends. You can wrap additional wire to secure foliage if necessary.

- Trim as desired, then hang on your door and enjoy.

- Once or twice a week, take the wreath down and water it, making sure the moss stays moist.