It took just one tweet to set off a firestorm.

Elle magazine created a frenzy on Twitter when they posted a photo of model Leah Kelley and called her "plus-size."

The problem with the tweet? Kelley, who in the pic shows off her slim, toned waist, looked as thin as most "regular size" models.

Women jumped all over the fashion magazine, blasting the editors' choice of words to describe the model.

Although the magazine has yet to reply to the criticism, it should be noted that they were promoting a link to an article about Leah Kelley on their website.

Kelley, who at a size 12 is considered to be "plus-size" in the modeling industry, told that she's "fine" with that label.

"People say that I don't look like what a plus size model should be, but the world isn't only size 14 anymore than the world is all a size 0. The fashion industry as a whole should showcase the variety of types of bodies, not just tiny or plus size. What about a size 8 model? There are so many people who are a size 8, and there are no size 8 models!"

The model is quickly becoming well-known for her beauty and was recently photographed modeling Robyn Lawley swimwear looking gorgeous.

What do you think? Should we get rid of the term "plus-size"?

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