12/04/2013 01:22 EST | Updated 02/03/2014 05:59 EST

Neeko Mitchell was targeted in fatal shooting, police say

Toronto police are urging the public to help them identify three suspects in a shooting last month, which left a man dead and saw bullets fly outside a community centre that was packed with people.

The shooting happened just outside the doors of the North Kipling Community Centre on Nov. 24.

Neeko Mitchell, the 25-year-old victim, had gone to the community centre to see his brother play basketball as part of a tournament. But within minutes of arriving there, he was mortally wounded.

Det-Sgt. Brian Borg told reporters Wednesday that when police arrived at the scene, there was a large crowd gathered around the wounded man.

Some people were trying to help him, but there was nothing that could be done to save him.

"Neeko was transported by emergency run to hospital, even though for all intents and purposes he was already dead at the scene. This has been confirmed through post-mortem examination," Borg said, as he updated the public on the ongoing homicide investigation.

Police say Mitchell was the intended target in the shooting that ended his life, but there could easily have been other victims due to the number of people in the vicinity.

"Neeko Mitchell was shot numerous times with a high-velocity ammunition, none of which remained in his body," Borg said.

"Considering that there were a number of people standing in the immediate area of the shooting, we are very fortunate that no one else was shot," he added, noting that a toddler was among those standing nearby.

Security cameras had been installed at the community centre as a result of a previous homicide there.

They captured what Borg described as "a significant amount" of the shooting, though he said that does not mean that police can close the case without public assistance.

Investigators have identified three suspects — two males and one female — who were at the community centre that night, prior to the shooting.

Borg said Mitchell did not have a criminal record, but was known to police.

When asked if the victim’s family had provided police with any idea as to why Mitchell would have been targeted, Borg said he believed that "just like us, they are looking for those answers themselves."

The basketball tournament that was taking place on the night of Mitchell’s killing was due to continue on a weekly basis through the end of December.

But Borg said the tournament has been "suspended" in the wake of the shooting.

"There were many people at that basketball tournament that night and who were present when Neeko Mitchell was shot and killed. Very few of them have come forward to the police," Borg said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police, or to call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477.