12/06/2013 07:53 EST | Updated 02/05/2014 05:59 EST

Miracle on 34th Street inspires gift for ailing parents

A P.E.I. man is taking inspiration from a classic Christmas movie to provide his parents, now suffering from dementia, with a special gift this holiday season.

For Mark Enman's parents, living in a nursing home in Summerside, life is about good days and bad days. A few days ago, he and his sister were brainstorming ideas to ensure this Christmas would be a good day for them. They're drawing on some old memories to recreate some holiday magic.

Don and Bev Enman's favourite holiday was always Christmas, and Bev Enman's favourite Christmas movie was Miracle on 34th Street.

In the movie, a man claiming to be Santa Claus has to prove in court that he is the real thing. His lawyer wins the case by having thousands of letters addressed to Santa Claus delivered to the courtroom.

The scene where the letters are piled up on the judge's desk was Bev Enman's favourite.

"I kind of put the two things together - her love of Christmas cards and that scene," said Enman.

"I said, let's give Don and Bev, my parents, A Miracle on 34th Street moment."

Mark Enman started a Facebook page asking people to send his parents Christmas cards. The word has spread fast. The cards starting arriving at the nursing home before Enman could even let them know what he had done.

"I think it really embodies the spirit of Christmas," said Crystal Praught of Summerset Manor.

"It's what Christmas is all about."

In just a few days, about two dozen cards had arrived, and given the reaction, Enman is expecting a lot more. He has had inquiries from Australia, and the campaign is the subject of a busy discussion on

Enman said he plans to present the cards to his parents Dec. 20.

"If I get them both on a good day, which is another Christmas miracle to hope for, we'll spend the afternoon going through the cards," he said.

"This will be a nice way to pass the time with them, letting them know that people still care, you're not forgotten, and Merry Christmas."