Vancouver: a city whose people are often colder than its climate.

But lately the weather has jumped in on the act too, with temperatures dropping to lows of -10 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

With signs emerging that the weather is set to return to its warmer winter norms, we felt it was time to reflect on the brief cold snap that gripped the city over the past week.

  • It came in a frigid breeze...
  • ...and turned our rivers into icy sheets.
    Genevieve Chang
  • It turned streams into crackling pools...
    Wylie Spencer
  • ...and pools into frozen ponds.
  • Fountains turned to sculptures...
  • ...and tree branches became icicles.
  • But people endured... even enjoyed it.
  • And reminded themselves how great it is not to have to do this every day.
    Canadian Press
    (Sorry, Calgary.)

See additional frozen photos from around Stanley Park:

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