12/10/2013 09:25 EST | Updated 02/09/2014 05:59 EST

Freezing rain makes roads treacherous in southern B.C.

The winter weather conditions have created some icy road conditions across the South Coast of B.C. on Tuesday morning and drivers are warned to use extreme caution.

Environment Canada is warning that freezing drizzle is expected across the region, including Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley throughout the morning.

Heavy snow is forecast for sections of central and northern B.C. later today.

Driving instructor Ron Wilson says driving too fast and too close to vehicles leads to accidents in the winter.

"Speed and space would be the two main things. Driving too fast for conditions and not giving yourself enough space.

"By backing off the speed a little bit, you're getting better traction. Not only that, but it can take you up to 12 times as long to stop the vehicle on a slippery road like this, so you want to increase that following distance."

Despite the cold and ice, the vice chair of the Vancouver Park Board is asking people to think twice about stepping out onto the frozen waters of lakes and ponds.

Aaron Jasper says in spite of what people may think ponds and lakes are not safe places to skate or walk yet.

"On average the ice thickness is three inches. For it to be safe to go out on it has to be at least five inches. So we are warning people to stay off that."

Jasper says park rangers and lifeguards are out patrolling the popular lakes in Vancouver to warn people to stay off the ice.

"Watch your dogs, watch your children and we are also putting up signs all around, especially in the Trout Lake area and the Lost Lagoon area."

On Monday a three-year-old Mission boy followed his dog out onto a frozen pond and both fell through the ice.

The boy was underwater for about five minutes before his mother managed to pull him out. Emergency responders managed to revive the boy and he was airlifted to hospital. The dog did not survive.