Vancouver Looks So Pretty In The Snow (PHOTOS)

12/10/2013 03:26 EST | Updated 12/10/2013 03:28 EST

It's not often Vancouver turns truly frosty, but this week Lotusland took a big chill and welcomed a pretty dusting of snow.

The white stuff is not expected to last much longer, so we took a short trip around B.C. to share some snowy images.

  • Monday morning, on a train leaving Richmond.
    <a href="">Jesse Ferreras</a>
  • Tuesday morning, a jog through Trout Lake.
    <a href="">Twitter: raquellies</a>
  • The snow dusted downtown Vancouver...
    <a href="">John Lee</a>
  • ...and added a cool beauty.
    <a href="">Maurice Li</a>
  • Secret Beach became more mysterious..
    <a href="">Kate Wienburg</a>
  • ... and New Westminster took on a festive look.
    <a href="">Twitter: robbiesayss</a>
  • Otherwise unremarkable views became interesting.
    <a href="">Twitter: robbiesayss</a>
  • In Kamloops, the snow had been around for weeks...
    <a href="">Twitter: turnertalks</a>
  • ...creating pretty little icicles...
    <a href="">Jennifer Stahn, Infotel News</a>
  • ... and truly magical scenes.
    <a href="">Jennifer Stahn, Infotel News</a>
  • This bull embraced the holiday spirit.
    <a href="">Jennifer Stahn, Infotel News</a>
  • But, for real snow, you have to head to Whistler.
    <a href="">Laura Gallant</a>
  • It blankets the mountains...
    Mitch Winton, <a href="">Coast Photo</a>
  • ... and frees your mind.
    Mitch Winton, <a href="">Coast Photo</a>

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