Calgary Lego artist Dave Ware is a fan of Jimmy Fallon's work, and a recent photo shows Fallon just might be a fan back.

The late-night show host and comedian posed with a Lego portrait of himself earlier this week that was made by Ware.

The Alberta artist says he spent just over a week making the mosaic and then mailed it to Fallon's office. Ware explains he has a friend working on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," and the two came up with the idea to make the portrait.

"He likes to do creative things on the show," said Ware, making him a good candidate to illustrate.

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"You never really know how people are going to take the Lego art. He seemed like a guy who would be into it," Ware told The Huffington Post Alberta.

While there has been no official response by Fallon, Ware's friend tells him he was impressed by the portrait and thought it was unbelievable that a Lego portrait was even possible.

The mosaic is 3D in nature, with the main portion of the bricks a bit higher than the rest.

This isn't the first time Ware has made a Lego portrait of a popular personality. He's been working on mosaics for over six years and created portraits of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Batman and Robin among others.

An oil and gas software analyst by day, Ware says he's been a Lego fan "forever," and is still hoping to hear back from Fallon personally.

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