HuffPost Canada Newsmaker Of The Year: How Canada's Favourite Astronaut Won 2013

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield became a household name this year. (MIKHAIL METZEL/AFP/Getty Images) | AFP via Getty Images

In a year when there was no shortage of things for Canadians to be embarrassed about (see here, here and here), the pride of Sarnia, Ont. made us all stand a little taller.

In 2013, Hadfield became the first Canadian to command the International Space Station and taught us everything we wanted to know about space travel but were afraid to ask.

And he garnered more than a million Twitter followers.

And he wrote a book.

Did we mention he wasn't even on this planet for almost five months?

2013 was the year Chris Hadfield won our hearts and minds, and showed the the best of Canada to the world. Here's how he did it.

Because For Weeks He Was Sending Us Tiny Perfect Postcards From Space

And This One

And One More

Because He's Not Afraid To Cry

Especially when he's demonstrating an important scientific lesson...

He Stands By His Team...

Even though they probably break his spaceman heart. The night he came back to Earth the Maple Leafs blew a 4-1 lead in a crucial Game 7 against the Boston Bruins.

He Shows Us The Weird Things That Happen In Space

He's An Inspiration

hadfield cartoon

Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than turned some of Hadfield's advice into this beautiful cartoon. Hadfield said that he was inspired by the Apollo Missions of the 1960s and 70s. We have no doubt that a new generation of scientists and explorers will be inspired by Hadfield's example.

He Writes Eloquently About Exploration

chris hadfield
This is Hadfield talking about international cooperation and the International Space Station.

"That example to me for any kid in the world, any kid standing on any shore line, whether it’s some comfortable place or it’s a desperate war torn place, any of those young people can look up and see a pretty good example of what people can do when they do things right, watching the space station go over."

He's A Cover Model

That's not Photoshop. Hadfield got in the make-up chair for the cover shoot.

Two Words: Space Burrito

Also... Space Money

Hadfield helped unveil the new $5 bill in space. The bill features the CanadaArm2, one of the country's most notable contributions to the space program.

He Made One Of The Best Viral Videos Of 2013

He Took The Ultimate Selfie Of 2013

If 2013 is the year of the selfie then it's tough to top this one.

Do you agree with the selection? What was your favourite Chris Hadfield moment? Tell us in the comments below.

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